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Horse & Smallholder – Feed Specials

Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

Now £9.82 (was £11.32)

TopSpec AntiLam

Now £22.32 (was £25.32)

Denige HiFi Lite

Now £10.11 (was £11.61)

TopSpec Lite Balancer

Now £19.55 (was £22.55)

Denige HiFi Molasses Free

Now £11.29 (was £12.79)

TopSpec Senior Lite Balancer

Now £25.84 (was £28.84)

TopSpec Performance Lite Balancer

Now £19.85 (was £22.85)

Medium Energy Haylage (Ryegrass with Timothy) 20Kg

NEW - £6.45

Spillers FibreLite Molasses Free

Now £9.62 (was £12.12)

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