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With more & more people keeping chickens in their back gardens many new products are available to buy in store, from housing, bedding & feed to parasite control & egg boxes!

We can offer you helpful advice on keeping your chickens healthy, & with our competitive prices save you money.

We stock chicken coups suitable for just two or three pet bantams, or specialist poultry fencing for constructing larger enclosures. For lining your chicken houses we have many bedding options, including quality dust free products, some of which compost well.

Several ranges of feed are available for you to choose from. We have GM free, free range natural & organis-all at excellent prices. Each range caters for all life stages. from chicks to egg laying birds. As well as these, Mixed Corn is available, & a lovely Super Mixed Corn which also contains split peas, grit & oyster shell. Good quality plastic feeders & drinkers are also in stock, or more substantial galvanised metal.

Parasite control is very important as "red-mite" was an issue last year for many poultry keepers. We keep treatments for both your birds & coups. We also stock a range of supplements to give your birds a boost.


We cater for both pet pigs, such as Kune Kune, & pigs being brought on for the table. The Smallholder range of Pot Bellied Pig Food is a 6mm pellet, which is ideal for pigs being kept as pets as it encourages a slower more natural growth rate, & is specially formulated to avoid obesity. In comparison the Badminton Country Pig Nut at 17% protein has higher energy so is ideal for sows producing milk, growing piglets, & boars in work.


We sell a Dodson & Horrell Goat Mix which is a blend of cereals & quality digestible fibre. This can be happily fed as a complementary feed to all breeds of goat. We also offer a Smallholder Pygmy Goat Mix which contains higher fibre levels, dried fruit & vegetable which mimic the goat's natural diet.

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