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January Gardening

The Vegetable Garden

We now have seed potatoes available.

1st Early Varieties (new potatoes ready for harvest in June/July), including: Arran Pilot, Foremost, Pentland Javelin, Rocket, Sharpes Express, Duke of York.

2nd Early Varieties (new potatoes ready for harvest in July/August), including: Charlotte, Marfona, Wilja Main Crop Varieties (tuber potatoes for eating in autumn ready for harvest in September onwards), including: Cara, Desiree, Maris Piper, International Kidney, Pink Fir Apple

How to chit your seed potatoes:

Stand your potatoes upright in a seed tray in a frost-free place with plenty of all-round light. Once they have strong shoots about 2.5cm/1inch long, and the soil has warmed up you are ready to plant.

We also have a large selection of vegetable and flower seeds now in stock. Onion sets and shallots will be available soon.

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Plants that will look good in your garden at this time of year:

- Christmas Box – evergreen shrub, has lovely white fragrant flowers
- Winter Heathers – colours available are pink, white, dark pink and purple
- Witch Hazel – deciduous shrub, fragrant orange or yellow flowers. Plant in a sheltered position, sun or part shade
- Winter Honeysuckle – semi-evergreen shrub, later winter flowers and early spring, white and scented
- Skimmia Japonica – evergreen shrub, pink or red clusters of flower buds open slowly to reveal white centres. Has lots of glossy green leaves

- - - - - - - - - -

January Jobs for the Garden

- Protect any vulnerable plants outside from cold winds – use fleece, clear polythene or windbreak netting
- Bird feeders – top up regularly and make sure clean water is provided
- Check ponds – keep a small area ice free or use a pond heater
- Check Trees – make sure supporting stakes are firmly in the soil and straight. Ensure tree ties are secured and not broken.

The mild weather is helping us to enjoy our gardens and time spent now looking after your trees, shrubs and vegetables will be very beneficial. Take time to visit the garden centre and get ideas for the spring and early summer. New ideas now will enhance your garden and bring rewards this coming season.

From all at Toomers, happy new year!

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