Equine Supplies

John Toomers is one of the country's leading suppliers of horse feed, supplements and bedding.



Watering & Feeding Outdoor Plants

23 Jun 2014

Advice on watering, feeding and deadheading outdoor plants with our very own Nigel.


Garden Theme Ideas

11 Jun 2014

Nigel Davis provides some suggestions on theming ideas for your garden.


Toomers Garden Centre Overview Film

02 Aug 2013

This is an overview video for the centre.


Cooking With Lesley Holdship at Toomers

17 May 2012

In this video we get a cooking masterclass with Lesley Holdship using Toomers herbs.


Garden Irrigation

04 May 2012

Nigel Davies gives us some top tips and advice on garden irrigation ideal for surviving a hose-pipe ban.


Drought-Resistant Planting

02 May 2012

James Greenslade offers some top tips on plant buying ideal for surviving a hose-pipe ban.