How to care for your lawn

Nigel Davis provides us with some top tips and advice on maintaining a healthy garden lawn.


Lawn Care

The look and feel of a fantastic lawn. It's a great British thing, isn't it?

And with the summer fast approaching, now's the time to get in the garden and prepare yours ready for the season ahead.

So who better to ask than Toomers Garden Centre resident expert Nigel Davis, who explains the basics - and some of the secrets - of proper lawn care.

With easy to follow tips and advice your green patch will be the envy of your neighbours before you know it!

Essentials for a healthy lawn:

See Nigel's Lawn Care video on Toomers TV where he explains his tips on lawn care.

1. Rake Out All That Old Thatch

This is the first thing to do before anything else - taking a rake to all the old thatch that has probably been sitting there from last year's mowing. This will strengthen and aerate the lawn on the top ready for the grass to grown in the spring.

2. Tining The Lawn

Use a hollow tine aerater to remove some of the big bits of haevy clay soil so you can gain some space to lay some grit to aid drainage and to get some oxygen back in to the lawn.

3. Brush In Some Horticultural Grit

This will help to aeriate the lawn. Simply sprinkle and brush it in and then brush it in to fill in the holes.

3. Apply Some Turf Dressing & Grass Seed

Put some turf dressing down - again working in using a brush - to help produce a smooth, free-draining turf surface ready to seed any bare patches.


Always sprinkle the grass seed AFTER you've worked top dressing in so the seed doesn’t get moved while brushing the dressing in.

4. Feed Your Lawn & Weedkilling

After dressing the lawn, it's now time to feed it - if you're lucky enough not to have any weeds!

If you do, then I recommend a 4-in-1 feed that will feed, weed and moss kill the lawn in one go.

Ideally, to apply properly you should always use a spreader.

Have a great summer!


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